Brexy New Digital Financial Platform, Traditional Financial Optimization and Upgrading 2.0

Recently, Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse Bank successively fell into financial and confidence crisis, which has a significant impact on the traditional financial industry, e.g. investors and customers' loss of trust in the bank, regulatory scrutiny and chain reaction, as well as market instability. When people start to doubt the reliability and stability of these institutions, it can lead to a loss of business and confidence in the financial system as a whole. How to solve customer property security, stability and sustainable profitability has become an important challenge for banks and financial institutions and platforms worldwide.

It is reported that Brex will launch the Asia Pacific regional financial strategy, upgrade the traditional financial credit system, and release Brexy new digital financial platform. With traditional credit, financial management, credit card and payment and settlement business as the bottom layer, it will add multiple insurance and new sector profitability features, add digital financial insurance and digital financial bankruptcy protection contracts, so as to ensure the safety of platform and customer assets. Meanwhile, it has launched Brexy digital financial engine, Web3.0 and other emerging business technology sectors by using modern digital information technology to transform the traditional financial business process, model innovation, service upgrade with business profitability.


As an American legacy financial services and technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California, Brex offers business credit cards and cash management accounts for technology companies. It provides FBI-insured business cash management accounts and corporate credit cards, with travel rewards and built-in expense tracking. Earlier, it launched a lending service for venture-backed tech companies and made its biggest acquisition to date, a $90 million purchase of a software startup that provides budgeting and financial forecasting services for users. Brex counts ClassPass, Airbnb and Carta among its thousands of clients.

In recent years, the global fintech field has advanced by leaps and bounds, while digital transformation and emerging technological disruption are reshaping all industries, since the form of finance is also undergoing great changes. However, the global economic crisis caused by COVID-19 has resulted in a large amount of fund gap in various fields and individuals worldwide, with increasing number of credit card users in the financial system, resulting in repayment difficulties and credit investigation difficulties. At present, banking institutions also appear credit crisis, hence the Brexy new digital financial platform becomes the meaning of the problem.


Nowadays, Brexy takes New York State as its radiation base, and Brexy Asset Group INC as the forefront of a new digital financial platform. Relying on Internet technology, encryption technology and credit insurance, it applies big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain and the new generation of information technology, applies innovative credit risk assessment model with digital technology for risk assessment, forecast and credit for the global different customer needs at different stages. It meets customers' credit needs through worry-free quick return, insurance, digital engine and user-friendly tools, then ensures customers' asset security, information security and bankruptcy protection on the basis of realizing the wisdom improvement of financial products, risk control, customer acquisition and service, thus helping to optimize and upgrade traditional financial credit structure 2.0.