The Magic Castle Global launch Conference was a complete success in the UK, and the Magic Castle strategic plan was drawn up. The details are as follows

Magic Castle AI Technology Research Laboratory is a high-tech laboratory located in Singapore, focusing on the research, development and application of artificial intelligence technology. Founded in 2023, the laboratory is praised for its innovative research and technological applications.


The lab covers many key sub-areas of AI, including, but not limited to, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning. Special research provides new perspectives and methods for solving complex problems in the real world, which involve data analysis, predictive modeling, automatic decision-making, and artificial intelligence and human interaction.


At present, Magic Castle AI Technology Research Laboratory has received financial support and industry resource support from a number of investment institutions, including IOSG, Galaxy Digital, D1 VC, The LAO, Ming Ng and MetaCartel.